September 4, 2009

Blog awards

First off, I must say that I don't like blog awards. They require a great deal of skills in public relations, which I'm not good at. Having said that, I'm sincerely grateful to Juhi, Monica, AlenysWka, Konul and Rina for nominating my blog. Thank you!

Kreativ Blogger

From Juhi and Monica

One Lovely Blog Award

From AlenysWka and Konul.

Kreativ Blogger

From Rina

In turn, I must pass on these awards to seven blogs of my choice. I'd like to nominate the following excellent blogs:

Some of these blogs are about cardmaking, the main subjects of others is paper quilling, two of them share ideas for children's arts and crafts. I intended to write a few words about each, but then decided that you better go and see yourself, they all deserve at least a bit of your attention. I'll just add that it wasn't easy to choose only seven out of all the wonderful blogs I read.

And finally, according to the rules, 7 facts about me that you might find interesting:

  1. I like cooking very much. Uzbek cuisine is my favorite.
  2. I don't like crowded and noisy parties.
  3. I love nature hikes with my family.
  4. I like animals. When I was a child I had different kinds of pets: tortoises, hamsters, hedgehogs, praying mantises, beetles, etc.
  5. I almost don't watch TV.
  6. I'm a M.Sc. in Telecommunication and Electronic Engineering.
  7. Here you can see what I look like :)


Ann Martin said...

Thanks so very much for the honor, Inna. I loved reading more about you and 'meeting' you via your photo. Enjoyed checking out your blog list too - so many wonderful ideas.

marcelle schauer said...

I also want to say a thank you for visiting my blog and adding me to your lovely list. You do visit some amazing women. I just enjoy seeing everything that you and other create, you inspire so many and that gets passed along. It is like "paying it forward" Thank you for the honor, let's keep creating.
Marcelle (stamping thyme)

Gail Bartel said...

Hey Inna, thanks for the awards. It is an honor coming from another great blogger and fellow artisan.
take care

Avantika A. said...

Love your blog! Check everyday for any updates :)
Great work.

Ps: Nice pic. I wish i could understand what the site said though...

Mrids.. said...

Lovely! Finally we get to see the beautiful Inna behind the beautiful creations :).

Светлана В.С. said...

Спасибо за награды!

Inna D. said...

Ann, Marcelle, Gail it's an honor for me to nominate you!

Avantika, thank you!

Mrids.. thanks :)

Светлана, вы их заслужили!!!