Giant Hanukiah made of corrugated cardboard

Giant Hanukiah, front view

Like every year, my children are participating in the school contest of Hanukkah Menorahs made using recycled materials. Last year we made a Hanukiah of discarded plastic egg-shaped containers, this year it was decided to create a large one of cardboard.

Giant Hanukiah, detail

To make the candle holder we cut a corrugated cardboard box into strips. Then we rolled the strips into coils and created shapes by employing the techniques of paper quilling, but without a quilling tool of course (you couldn't find a quilling tool of that size, really :). The different pieces of the Hanukiah were glued together using white glue. Afterwards we painted the candle-holder with gold acrylic paint.

Giant Hanukiah, candles

For the candles we used toilet paper rolls. To make a candle, we cut a roll lengthwise, tightened it up to create a thinner tube, glued it, and painted it with pearl paint like for the cardboard Hanukiah we made a few years ago. For the candle flame we used the technique shown here (I have no idea how it's called in English, but in Spanish it's called "Churros de crepé" or "Churros de papel crepé", which probably would be "Crepe paper churros").

Hanukkah Menorahs compared

In the last photograph you can see how huge the giant Hanukkah Menorah looks compared to our Hanukiah made of recycled paper, and especially to the miniature quilled Hanukiah :)


Hussena said…
oh this is so gorgeous i love the way you have used those corrugated strips to make this ...beautiful..just beautiful!!
A work of art!
Mihaela said…
Looks gorgeous!!!
Kavya N said…
Awesome creations!! I am your fan of quilling....=) they are amazing...

Pritesh Dagur said…
Wow! I love this one Inna! So pretty! :) Specially like the idea for the flames :) said…
Wow, such an imagination!
Sathya said…
Wowwwwww.....Absolutely loved the intricacies Inna....
eva said…
Красиво выполнено,да ещё таких размеров!Много пришлось потрудиться!
this is really awsome, love it!!!
Вау!!!! Какой гигант!!!! Здорово!!!!А на конкурсе какое место заняли???
Baukje said…
beautiful colors and magnificent creation
Greetings Baukje
Ever beautiful! Great idea for the flame too!
אמאיריס said…
Wow!!! This is such a grat idea; to make this cardboard hanukiah! I love your ideas of creations; they are very inspiring
Regina said…
OMG!!! Inna! This is adorable! You did a masterpiece with corrugated strips!!! You´re such an inspiration!! Thanks a lot for sharing your creativeness and talent with us!!
kiddo said…
Is amazing how beautiful is! I love how you made the flames! Great way of recycling!
Molly Smith said…
Oh my, this turned out so great! How nice you can craft these with your children each year. I love how you did the candle flames. So bright and pretty! And the one last year with the plastic eggs is fabulous too!
Ann said…
So sweet and tiny! I agree with Molly about the flames... really clever.
Cristina said…
Inna , i love it! It look so real!
L¨As said…
Hello Inna,
still a great achievement!
what research!
big bisous L¨As
Teddie Seeley said…
Wow, this was absolutely incredible! What a beautiful job you and your children did on this project.
Thank you so much for sharing this.
You are just so clever.
Inna D. said…
Thanks everyone very much!

Девочки, всем большое спасибо!
Лариса, результаты будут нa следующей неделе, а пока ханукия красуется в школе. Главное дети довольны своим произведением :)

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