3D Quilled Animals - Lion

Recently I came across my 3D quilled lion tutorial ripped off by a web site from a PDF (along with other tutorials), and shared on Pinterest. Can't help stumbling upon stolen images and tutorials here and there :( Anyways, I would like to remind that the tutorial is available in high resolution, with detailed instructions in English, and absolutely free of charge. It can be downloaded from the page Lion: 3D Quilling Project. Moreover, everybody is welcome to distribute the file or even host it on their website, legally.

Some thoughts for those of you who publish things on the Internet. In the past I released some quality content under a Creative Commons license, hoping to give people an opportunity to use it legally, while also benefiting from this myself a little bit. And here are my observations: for every legal use (if at all), I find tens of illegal ones, that is without even mentioning the source. It looks as though every image without a watermark just asks to be stolen. Sad :(


Baukje said…
brilliant as always I love your work!
Greetings Baukje
Kasia Wojtasik said…
Инна, я встречала свои работы с вырезанными водяными знаками. Доходят даже до такого :(
Но, наверное, такова судьба всего, что попадает в Интернет.
Pritesh Dagur said…
Inna, it seems to me that some people REVEL in lifting images and calling them their own. Unfortunate yet true! :( We all have tons of respect for your work. I pray for wisdom to people so they realize that it's EFFORT to design and it's unethical to copy and not give credit!
You are blessed in that you can keep coming up with great ideas though! No one can ever be YOU. Thanks for sharing your wonderful art for us to read about.
Inna D. said…
Thanks everyone very much for your support!
Lisa said…
Hi, there. I'm appreciative that you commented on our site to let me know of your work. Great stuff and sorry I didn't have a direct link to you despite attributing it to your name.
Anna said…
Most upsetting when you have been so generous in passing on your knowledge and inspiring images. I've name-checked you and provided a link on my blog post about quilling - although it's in a very different ballpark to your creations! I've done a very easy downscaled version of quilling for busy mums and crafty kids. Thank you again for your inspiration :-)

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