Orchid again, framed paper quilling

Orchid flowers

I created my first paper filigree orchid when I receiver this amazing plant as a gift.

Orchid flowers, detail

This time an orchid is blossoming at our neighbors' home. I saw it when I was going to pick up my elder daughter from daycare. On our way back, I spent quite a while closely examining the flowers. After the lunch we set to work. Several more times I went down and up stairs to look at the plant, and by the evening we already had an orchid of our own.

Orchid flower, close-up

The project is the size of an A4 paper sheet, framed in a hand-made paper frame.


Ana Laura said…
I LOVE the way you creat all this precious little flowers! I'm a total fan of yours!
Inna D. said…
Thank you very much!
Roxana - Romania said…
Inna, thank you so much!!!You have been an inspiration to me! I`m most grateful to you, without your tutorials, I would have never been able to do such marvelous things!I bow before you! Kisses from Romania!!
Inna D. said…
Thank you very much, Roxana!
SY said…
They are beautiful !!!!Thank you!
Anonymous said…
you are just great.i have learned all basic and new interesting patterns only because of you. thanks you:)
Anonymous said…
Please visit quilling-mv.blogspot.com and thank you.
Marius - Romania

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