May 17, 2009

Spring birthday card with quilled flowers

Pink spring card with quilling

This is my new birthday card. With paper filigree, as usual. You can find the instructions for making the base here, although I used the template from this Russian blog. You should use thick paper for it, since the quilled decoration is pretty heavy and the card may collapse. I had even to support it with a peace of card stock, attached one end to the bottom and the other end to the reverse of the bouquet.

Pink spring card, side view

I used pattern edged scissors to cut the background, hand-cut paper strips for the quilling, and a gel pen for the lettering.


Paula B. said...

this is wonderful! I thought the card was resting on the envelope in the first photo...then I scrolled down and discovered it was such a unique fold. Love this!

Very fresh and lovely - thank you for sharing such a great new template idea!

the quilling is very lovely too - beautiful lines to the design because of the layers and color balance.

Inna D. said...

Paula, thank you very much for so kind comment!

Sudha said...

Beautiful work dear.

Inna D. said...

Thank you so much Sudha!

Anonymous said...

Can u explain me the steps of ur beautiful creation shown in the above pic

Renn Oyong said...

Thats really beginner in this quiling stuff but i hv learn a lot from ur tutorial....tq

Inna D. said...

Hi Hema,
Unfortunately, I can't write step-by-step guides for everything I make. You have a link to the spring card template in the post and a lot of quilling tutorials you can use on my blog.