November 26, 2008

Fish, three-dimensional quilling

Fish. 3D quilling. Detail

A simple three-dimensional fish: I'm mastering the 3D quilling :) Its length is about 7 cm and it's made of hand-painted paper strips. Unfortunately, I have a lot of new ideas, but lack the time :(

Fish. 3D quilling


Custom Quilling Supplies said...

Love how you got the arch with the fish!
Great quilling!!


Gabriella said...

Ciao Inna, spero tu possa capire l'italiano...Ti faccio tanti complimenti per i tuoi lavori, in particolare quelli con la tecnica del paper quilling che piace tanto anche a me. A presto.

Inna D. said...

Denise, thank you very much!

Inna D. said...

Grazie, Gabriella! Sono molto felice.

Unfortunately I don't speak Italian, but Google Translate can help sometimes :)

Marty C said...

I just love this fish, you're very talented indeed!