Craft book reviews

I was ordering books on Amazon today, when I thought (again) that my opinion on books I own may help others to make their choice when shopping online. Of course, there are always customer reviews on such sites, but can you rely on them? I personally prefer recommendations by people I can trust or at least know something about. So, I'll probably start reviewing some of my craft books, based on my personal experience. I've been doing this in Russian for some time, but don't think this helps too much, since very few of my Russian speaking readers can order books in English.

I'd be grateful if you let me know if my short reviews will be of any use for you. What do you think?


Unknown said…
I would be very interested in your reviews Inna. I have been a member of a mail order book club for a long time but don't buy much anymore as I'm always disappointed with the contents. I now go and look through them in the shop before I buy but craft books are hard to find in store!
Jeanne said…
I, too, would be very interested in your reviews. I agree with your assessment of the reviews online. And like Colleen said, sometimes it's hard to find craft books in the stores...Looking forward to your first one!
Inna D. said…
Thank you, ladies! I was sure buying good craft books at local stores is only my problem :) I'm already writing my first review and will post it shortly.

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