April 15, 2009

Bunny, kids birthday cake

Bunny cake

This is the other cake I made for my twins' fourth birthday. It's a bunny for my sweet daughter, the first one was my son's flying saucer. For this cake I used a rectangular puff cake (like those used for the cream slice), vanilla cream, and some food coloring (the eyes, ears, and mouth). I just cut out the head and painted a cartoon bunny face. His ears are folded to save space on a cake base :) The whiskers are made using licorice laces, the nose — out of a fruity toffee candy.


PaperDelite said...

The cake is so cute.Im sure your daughter must have loved it. Oh I feel like tasting it too.. very tempting!!!

Inna D. said...

Thank you, Archana! I noticed that the look is more important to small children, than the taste :) I try to give them both.