April 1, 2009

Flying saucer (UFO) kids' birthday cake

UFO cake

In the past week we celebrated the twins' forth birthday. They couldn't agree on what cake they want, so eventually everybody has had their own special cake. I'll start with the boy's one. It's a flying saucer, or UFO. I like making cakes and am good at it, but with kids cakes I usually prefer to put my energy into decorating rather than baking, especially when I have to prepare not just one, but two cakes. This really makes you think twice and save your energy :)

I found how to make a simple flying saucer out of a round cake in a localized version of Kids' Party Cakes, although decorated the cake a bit differently. In this book you can find ideas for some cute and easy to do party cakes.

How to make

For such UFO cake you will need a round cake of any kind, for example a sponge cake, cream and candies for decoration. How to cut and arrange the cake is shown on the diagram: cut it into two non-equal pieces, then cut the smaller part in half and place the halves at both sides of the large piece. Spread cream over the cake and decorate it. I used vanilla cream and decorated with dried fruit and berries (papaya, pineapple and cranberries), small chocolates and two cookie faces — a boy's and a girl's :)

UFO cake, detail

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