Decorative Passover plate: paper quilling on an old CD

Decorative Passover Seder plate

This is a decorative Passover Seder plate. This year Passover is celebrated between the 9th and 15th of April. During the first night of Passover, which is called Seder, six items of symbolic foods are placed on a Seder plate (a real one, not decorative). The name of each item is written on one of the six cups of the plate. My plate is made out of an old CD and decorated with paper filigree. The center of the CD is covered with a piece of paper. I'm not sure the photo conveys this, but the plate looks very much like silver. I must say, the rolling itself didn't take much time, but I spent a lot of energy on painting every single strip with silver paint :) Besides, gluing quilling shapes onto a CD is not so easy, since even a tiny blob is clearly seen on its surface.

I put the "plate" into a transparent CD case (with the center removed), and it seems to make a cute and creative gift this way.

Decorative Passover Seder plate, detail

Hope you found this useful. I'd like also to wish Chag Sameach to everybody who is celebrating.


Suzzy Howard said…
Hi Inna. This is stunning! I love it! Absolutely beautiful! Keep up the wonderful work.
Inna D. said…
Thank you very much :)
Sonya said…
Exquisite again, each new project astounding! What a beautiful gift! I may try my hand at making one for our table! Inna, you should write a book for Judaica quilling, there aren't many patterns and yours are the best designs!
Inna D. said…
Thank you so much, Sonya! You're so kind.
As for writing a book, I'll give it a think :)
Ann Martin said…
Very nice idea! I'm curious - what did you use to do the lettering? It's lovely. Happy Passover
Inna D. said…
Thank you, Ann! Your opinion is really valuable. For the lettering I used small letter stickers. I didn't mention in the post that I painted them, too :) Originally they look like those on my Hanukkah magnets.
Leona said…

your passover seder plate is really beautiful....

thank you

beooklyn, new york
Inna D. said…
Thank you, Leona!

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