Another Valentine card with quilling

Valentine card (quilling) with burning candle and flowers

Another Valentine card, maybe the last this year :) An addition to the previously shown. Made with quilling on thick watercolour paper.

Happy Valentine's day!

and a version with smoke...

Valentine card (quilling) with candle, smoke and flowers



Beautiful work.

Sonya said…
Hi Inna,

Sonya here from Appel Quilling, thanks for subscribing to my blog. I am trying to redo my blog and I will lose your subscription as a follower in the transition. Could you resubscribe in a day or so when I finally figure it out?
Thanks, Shalom,
Unknown said…
Your card is lovely..fabulous quilling!
Inna D. said…
Nágela, Sonya, Colleen, thank you!

Sonya, sure. Thanks for letting me know.
Wonderful card... love the spirals!

Keep on Quillin',
Inna D. said…
Thank you, Denise!
Helen said…
It's so beautiful!

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