How to quill apples

Green quilled apple

To quill a whole apple, glue together a few short strips of several tints, from light-yellow to dark-green. Roll this long strip, then let it unroll to desired size and glue its tip. You'll have to hold it for a while until the glue is dry. Shape the apple, then make the stem. Finally, make and attach a leaf — that's it.

Quilled apple cut in half

Now, let's make an apple cut in half. First, roll a short strip for a seed. Attach a longer strip and wind it around the seed, leaving some space between the strip and the seed, glue its tip. Add more loops in the same way, using strips of different length and color. Make the other half, then put the two halves together. Finally, wrap them in a single strip (like the red one in the picture). Happy quilling!


Unknown said…
Your quilled creation are awesome. Love the apple and the little flower pots! Very clever quilling!!
Inna D. said…
Thank you very much, Colleen!
Anonymous said…
You are too good.....
Anonymous said…
wow ! Really good stuff

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