February 3, 2009

Educational game: Words and letters on bottle caps

Game for teaching reading and writing

Recently, I stumbled upon this great DIY game for teaching letters and reading. For our game I used images from an old magazine instead of photos of family members.

Besides an old magazine you will need some cardboard and bottle cups to make this game. Cut a rectangular cardboard card, glue a picture onto it and draw circles with the diameter of the bottle caps next to the picture (you can just trace the caps). Inside the circles write the name of the item shown in the picture. The same letters are also written on the bottle caps — now have your child pick the right caps and make up the word. I cut the cards out of cereals boxes. Letters that correspond to vowels are written on white caps, and those corresponding to consonants — on blue ones. For children who are already familiar with letters and starting to read, the circles on the cards can be left blank, and the word written underneath the image.


Yelena said...

Привет Инна! What a great idea to use bottle caps for this game. It looks like a DIY version of a game called Boggle. I've been meaning to somehow DIY a Boggle game to teach my son to read Russian. So this certainly helps! Огромное спасибо и привет из Америки!

Inna D. said...

Спасибо, Елена! Рада, что пригодилось.