Paper Quilling

Paper quilling or paper filigree is an art or craft form where the artist creates intricate designs by shaping and gluing narrow strips of paper. This art requires patience, neatness and a lot of time, but produces amazingly beautiful results that can be used for a variety of purposes: item decorating, handmade greeting cards, three-dimensional miniatures, pictures and even jewelry. As I am myself an addicted quiller, on my blog you'll find a lot of articles about quilling. Just click on the label quilling (more general) or 3D quilling (specific for its three-dimensional form). If you're looking for ideas for quilled greeting cards, then the label cards is what you need, but please notice that not all of my cards were made using quilling. Finally, all my posts about quilling are listed below, as well as some quilling-related resources at the end of this page. Enjoy!

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